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Sunday News 204

June 19th, 2022

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Tom Hanks explains it all. A great interview by the American actor with Azorean rootsSunday News is a selection of the links posted daily by the  Explora community. I can add you if you want (you need to have a Facebook account). Newcomers can check previous Sunday News editions here. If you are a new reader, you may catch up by reading Sunday News’ FirstSecond and Third Year Highlights.Antonio CamaraEducation
Instrument-building festival challenges, inspires, by Cornell Resounds ProjectA Silicon Valley Summer Camp wants kids to ditch the canoes for holographic codingHealth
New CRISPR-based map ties every human gene to its function

The 4 ways you might live forever, by Tomas Pueyo

Magic Johnson and the coolest mixtape in NBA history

Netflix enters bidding for F1 rights


Via Paul Krugman

What key factors influence gas prices?

A living room on a skateboard: how electric vehicles are redefining the car

Electric vehicle outlook 2022, by Bloomberg

China launched the world’s first AI-operated aircraft carrier, an unmanned vessel capable of launching dozens of drones

Cities, Nature and Clean Tech
5 clever ways that malls are being reinvented across the U.S.

Why sounds and smells are as vital to cities as the sights, and the growing field of sensory urbanism

Inside the experimental world of animal infrastructure

How animals perceive the World

Plants appear to be breaking biochemistry rules by making ‘secret decisions’

Can Democracy include a World beyond humans? “A truly planetary politics would extend decision making to animals, ecosystems, and potentially AI”

Warning! Signs are not enough to save beachgoers from deadly currents

Developing new companies
Building American dynamism. “You can’t be a successful investor if you look at the world with ironic detachment. If you are a naysayer. Or a cynic. Skeptical, yes, of course. But fundamentally you have to believe that individuals with tremendous willpower can do things. Great, shocking, inconceivable things”

Meta will pivot the Portal away from consumers

Apple just wrecked 15+ startups in less than 1 hour

How Big Tech runs tech projects and the curious absence of Scrum

How to build trust in a market place, by Lenny Rachitsky

The huge losses of blockchain Metaverse companies

In defense of crypto (currency), by Matthew Green

The Bitcoin salvation scenario, by Noah Smith

Prada plans monthly product, NFT drops. Read also Emeralds, rubies and NFTs: Inside Bulgari’s new-era high jewelry

The Network State Book. A book by Balaji S. Srinivasan (@balajis) on how to start a new country

Where does the wealth go when asset prices go down? By Noah Smith

The Global Economic Shift (2006-2036)

AR/VR/AI/IoT/Quantum Computing/Metaverse/Bio
The future of augmented reality glasses with Lumus. Long but great

Hands-on Ultraleap Stratos: feel the touch in XR without gloves!

Apple’s Coolest iOS 16 feature lets you drag subjects right out of images

Amazon launches virtual try-on for shoes

What exactly was Google’s ‘AI Is Sentient’ guy actually saying?

Alternate histories and GPT-3

Sound: The new uncharted dimension of the Metaverse

Marc Andreessen explaining a Web 3 use case to Tyler Cowen

Far out
Mighty mini-thermometer detects tiny temperature changes

Tree rings shed light on a Stradivarius mystery

Things you are allowed to do

Excuses from the future

Book review: “Slouching Toward Utopia”, by Noah Smith. “Brad DeLong tells his story of the 20th century”

Minority Report tried to warn us about technology

How people from 1955 imagined technology of the future




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