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Sunday News 217

September 18, 2022

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TUGA signs LOI for ultra clean cabin airRensair will work with TUGA Innovations to develop a new standard for air quality within urban mobility.TUGA Innovations is also supporting an innovative project by Francisca Cunha and Sofia Pereira. They are working on making visible the invisible vehicle’s emissions using their own Plume technology.Sunday News is a selection of the links posted daily by the  Explora community. I can add you if you want (you need to have a Facebook account). Newcomers can check previous Sunday News editions here. If you are a new reader, you may catch up by reading Sunday News’ FirstSecondThird Year and Fourth Year Highlights.Antonio Camara

Carlos Neto: “A escola a tempo inteiro é uma vergonha nacional”

Eat more fish: when switching to seafood helps — and when it doesn’t

The reopening of a Lisbon’s classic

Dermal tattoo biosensors for colorimetric metabolite detection. They can be used to manage diabetes and liver failure

Air pollution cancer breakthrough will rewrite the rules

A (beginner’s) guide to Formula 1

Analyzing the NBA’s business growth strategy: How the basketball league is investing in technology to better engage with fans

‘Fox NFL Sunday’ to debut groundbreaking new XR/AR studio

Roger Federer as religious experience (2006)

Pounds that kill: The external costs of vehicle weight

Aston Martin “human drone” concept

Tesla wants your vote for new supercharger locations

A tiny, unmanned plane could land almost anywhere for military intel

Chinese researchers test cars that hover over roads using magnets

Cities, Nature and Clean Tech
Visualizing 40 different animal sleep patterns

Cats give the laws of physics a biiig stretch

Climate Alpha is a new platform that uses algorithms to determine how cities will transform in the face of climate change

Developing new companies
At Google Venture a decade ago we searched for AI enabled companies and came up dry. That has changed. AI is going to eat software companies. Primarily because it creates entire new UX that incumbents can’t adopt without breaking their product. 10-year hypercycle just started.
See thread here  @byersblake

A guide to corporate innovation: 19 strategies to drive innovation now. Really, “19 bulletproof strategies if you want your corporation to look innovative

How to build a powerful marketing machine

The AI unbundling, by Ben Thompson

Bloomingdale’s goes all-in the Metaverse with new virtual store

Starbucks details its blockchain-based loyalty platform and NFT community, Starbucks Odissey

Roblox is ready to grow up

The Merge is here: Ethereum has switched to proof of stake

Could this be a glimpse of life in the 2030s?  by McKinsey

AR/VR/AI/IoT/Quantum Computing/Metaverse/Bio

How QR codes work

How much realness do virtual agents need?

Make any idea real. Just write it.  Text to video, coming soon to Runway. Read also Runway teases AI-powered text-to-video editing using written prompts

AI tools like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney are helping architects—and their clients—design new buildings

NLP & AI Revolution – Transformers and Large Language Models (LLMs), by Elad Gil

Researchers publish post-quantum upgrade to the Signal protocol

Far out

The heroes we are allowed. Read also blog post here

Rocketland. “Worshippers of Elon Musk have flocked to the middle of nowhere in Texas to watch SpaceX’s attempts to build a space-worthy rocket — and to find friends”

This man is trying to put mirrors in space to generate solar power at night

Futurist prediction methods and accuracy

When the Queen died, someone had to tell the bees.  Mark Norman explores this and other UK rural practices in Telling the Bees and Other Customs: The Folklore of Rural Crafts




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