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Sunday News 218

September 25th, 2022

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Genetic Images, 1993.  From Karl Sims, a generative AI pioneerAI: A Creative New World, by Sequoia is an excellent introduction to a new generation of AI: “A powerful new class of large language models is making it possible for machines to write, code, draw and create with credible and sometimes superhuman results”.A perspective on historical AI generations may be found hereSuperhuman science: How artificial intelligence may impact innovation, from the Brookings Institution, provides a forward- looking view of the impact of these recent developments.Sunday News is a selection of the links posted daily by the  Explora community. I can add you if you want (you need to have a Facebook account). Newcomers can check previous Sunday News editions here. If you are a new reader, you may catch up by reading Sunday News’ FirstSecondThird Year and Fourth Year Highlights.

Antonio Camara

The seven-lesson schoolteacher

Mathematics for Machine Learning, by Garrett Thomas, UC Berkeley

Introduction to Robotics, by Anirudha Majumdar, Princeton University


Mini-mobility: The next big thing in urban mobility?

Dutch students devise carbon-eating electric vehicle

Why is a small Swedish automaker a decade ahead of the rest of the industry?

The best automotive design of 2022, as selected by Fast Company

Supersonic jet startup Boom’s future is in doubt after every major jet-engine maker refuses to help

Is the hyperloop doomed?

TUGA files patent for innovative food delivery module

Cities, Nature and Clean Tech

Platformization of urban life

The world’s first Tesla solar neighborhood is becoming reality

How to hunt like an octopus

Finding the Mother Tree

Engineering circularity using robotics

Developing new companies

A note on Industrial Policy, by Brad De Long. Read also from the same author Our ancestors thought we’d build an economic paradise. Instead, we got 2022, from his book Slouching Towards Utopia.  Must read

The new creator playbook: Jumpstarting communities through tokens

Instacart launches suite of new features to make grocery stores smarter. Read also Challenging Amazon In the race to transform the $11 trillion grocery retail market

Don’t rush canonizing Patagonia. Read also How Patagonia’s ownership bombshell changes the game for American business

It sure seems like Google is struggling to invent the future. Read also Google cancels half  the projects of its internal R&D group Area 120

Adobe Acquires Figma, Figma’s Disruption, The Figma OS, by Ben Thompson

Clash of the Metaverse Titans: Microsoft, Meta and Apple

Europe wants to shape the future of virtual worlds with rules and taxes

What I’ve learned from users, by Paul Graham

The biggest tech talent hubs in the U.S. and Canada

AR/VR/AI/IoT/Quantum Computing/Metaverse/Bio
What makes AR special? by Avi Bar-Zeev

Disney files patent for Augmented Reality ride without glasses

Using AI to create new Comic Strips without writing any code

The Large Language Model landscape

Scientists are using AI to dream up revolutionary new proteins

The Ai prompt is the new search

Stable Diffusion is only 30 days old…

GPT-3: Top use cases & their likelihood

Disentangling the facts from the hype of Quantum Computing

Biotecnológica alemã capta 8,5 milhões de euros e aposta em Lisboa

Far out
Better than Bulgaria but not as nice as Cuba: how did the US become such an awful place to live?

The big idea: why relationships are the key to existence

Lovecraftian intelligence. Is AI an incomprehensible cosmic horror? By Noah Smith

Hilton is building astronaut hotel rooms in Space

Millions are mourning the Queen — what’s the science behind public grief?

The Rise of the Rest

1011 theses on the concept of nonhuman intelligence, by Blaise Aguera y Arcas

Things you once needed to do what a smartphone does today @JonErlichman




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