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Sunday News 235

January  22nd, 2023

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Metaverse may be $800 billion market, next tech platform
Disney’s new CEO Bob Iger and crypto
L’Oréal is among new investors in Metaverse Developer Digital Village
LEGO is hiring staff for its new ‘metaverse experiences’
Seoul government opens city’s metaverse project to public
Virtual cringe: The 10 lamest brand stunts in the MetaverseMetaverse frenzy is re-emerging after the Generative AI interlude. To understand both, from a pop culture point of view, there are lists of recommended  films.  They show  AIAR and VR’s, Metaverse’s foundational technologies,  mostly dystopian uses. Some of them provide previews of the Metaverse itself.There are also a wealth of informative readings. I recommend looking at  old  writings of two visionary pioneers: IJ Good’s “Speculations concerning the first ultra-intelligent machine”; and Warren Robinett’s “Synthetic experiences: A proposed taxonomy”. They are  also linked to pop culture movies: IJ Good, a former Alan Turing assistant (and my professor at Virginia Tech), was featured on The Imitation Game and advised Stanley Kubrik in “2001 Space Odyssey”; and Warren Robinett, who greatly helped my VR research group at NOVA, has plenty of air time on Steven Spielberg’s  Ready Player One.

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Antonio Camara

How mathematics stopped being defined by reality — and started to invent new ones

ChatGPT and VR – Changing the way we learn soft skills

Frontiers for young minds. “Science for kids, edited by kids.”

Visual Thinking: The hidden gifts of people who think in pictures, patterns, and abstractions

How games can make behavioral science better. Examples of gamification in science: Which English?Are you a super-listener?Glyph; and Moral Machine

AI policy of a Wharton professor. Via @dbkhan

A hotter Planet takes another toll on human health

How Messi fans organized to break an Instagram world record

Inês Bettencourt on ESPN Sports Center Plays of the Day (any sport anywhere in the globe)


Autostadt- VW car towers

China’s new hyperloop train completes first test runs successfully

Airbus is testing out autonomous flying tech in some of its planes

Hydrogen-powered planes take off with startup’s test flight

Most popular car in Europs vs. most popular car in US

Cities, Nature, and Clean Tech
Transgenic ants shed light on insects’ sense of smell

Native Lands  around the World, US Native Lands and Canada Native Lands sites are most interesting from cultural and community tech development standpoints

John Deere vows to open up its tractor tech, but right-to-repair backers have doubts

This startup uses microbial fuel cells to clean up wastewater

Developing new companies
The big idea: what’s the secret of innovation?

Inside the structure of Open Ai’s looming new investment from Microsoft and VCs

How Barnes & Noble transformed its brand from corporate bully to lovable neighborhood bookstore

Secretary jobs in the Age of AI, by Noah Smith

An updated list of unicorns, by CB Insights

AR/VR/AI/IoT/Quantum Computing/Metaverse/Bio

Nreal achieves mass production of 100.000 AR glasses

A short note on large language models

Google’s Muse model could be the next big thing for generative AI

New generative AI tool instantly builds presentation decks and PowerPoints

Generative AI in architecture– a thread

Developing low-cost robots for agriculture

Robot gets the sense of smell using locust antennae

Hunting for the best bioscience software tool? Check this database

Far out
The elevan laws of showrunning

Animated chart: The rise and fall of music sales, by format (1973-2021)

Little Planet Factory

Google could make the Airtag alternative we really want

Scientists are getting eerily good at using WiFi to ‘see’ people through walls in detail

The ringtone came from this songAt the time, Nokia was ten times more valuable than Apple. “It would be another 7 years before the iPhone was released” @JonErlichman

Samsung introduced a new mobile phone screen concept at CES 2023

What is like to be a bat?

The Good Life. “Lessons from the World’s longest scientific study of happiness”




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