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Sunday News 278

November 19th, 2023

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There are great TV shows about tech companies. My favorites are:
Silicon Valley, a comedy on the Valley
The Playlist, on the Spotify story
The Billion Dollar Code, on Terra Vision (Art+Com) vs Google Earth
The Dropout, about Theranos
Super Pumped, the battle for Uber
They are mostly entertainment oriented. General Magic: The Movie, a documentary, is a step above and highly recommended. Read also General Magic—how tech super friends assembled, dreamt up smartphones, and failedSunday News is a selection of links posted daily by the  Explora community.  Newcomers can check previous Sunday News editions here. If you are a new reader, you may catch up by reading Sunday News’ FirstSecondThird Fourth  and Fifth Year Highlights.Antonio CamaraEducation
The future is quantum: universities look to train engineers for an emerging industryChatGPT has entered the classroom: how LLMs could transform education

The scientific narrative around new food technologies needs to change

15 must have wearables. Read also the classic Wearables that work

Top 8 sports trends and innovations in 2024


2024 Tesla Cybertruck

O future da mobilidade urbana é TUGA. SIC’s Imagens de Marca video on the TUGA project

Skinny roads save lives, according to a study on the width of traffic lanes

Joby, Volocopter fly electric air taxis over New York City

Cities, Nature, and Clean Tech
Beautiful Places (United Kingdom launch). “Mapping beauty in the UK using AI & crowdsourced insights to guide urban planning, enhance well-being, & boost economic prosperity”

Singapore urbanism. “Thoughts from a visit to the solar punk city” by Noah Smith

Cities are ramping up to make the most of generative AI

Rats can ‘imagine’ places they’ve previously visited. “Virtual reality study suggests that rodents, like humans, are capable of mental navigation”

These photos show what happens when a ‘sustainable’ bioplastic fork is dropped in the ocean

Google’s new AI Weatherman will leave forecasters in the dust

Developing new companies
What OpenAI means for the entire tech sector, by David Galbraith

Seed investing: the State of the Union, by Rex Woodbury

The ultimate guide to product operations

AR/VR/AI/IoT/Quantum Computing/Metaverse/Bio
What leaders need to know about spatial computing, by Cathy Hackl at HBR. If you want to see actual cases for a variety of vertical markets check The YDreams Collection

The surprise fanatics for Meta’s VR headset? Your mom’s Facebook friends

Microsoft Teams is about to go 3D with VR meetings

The Sphere and our immersion complex

The real Personal (AI) Computer

Far out
Is my toddler a stochastic parrot?

Eight books that explain how the World works

The ten saddest robots ever built

Inside Whirlpool’s ambitious plan to reimagine the refrigerator

The gadgets we bring in every trip

What If money expired?

Parliament Buildings. “The architecture of politics in Europe”

Maps that tell their own stories. “Oculi Mundi, a new online collection, shares the artistry of early creators”


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