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Sunday News 253

May 28th, 2023

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AI Canon, by Derrick Harris, Matt Bornstein, and Guido Appenzeller, a16z. A illuminating list of blog posts, courses, and guides on AI from scientific, technological and business standpoints.Sunday News is a selection of links posted daily by the  Explora community.  Newcomers can check previous Sunday News editions here. If you are a new reader, you may catch up by reading Sunday News’ FirstSecondThird  and Fourth Year Highlights.Antonio CamaraEducation
What new grads can expect as they enter the working world, by McKinsey

China overtakes United States on contribution to research in Nature Index

Visualization of prepositions

How Man City turned Real Madrid’s strengths into HUGE weaknesses. For the diehard football (and Guardiola and Bernardo Silva) fans, a lesson in spatial analysis and the great game

Food delivery by drone is just part of daily life in Shenzhen

The meat paradox

Brain waves can tell us how much pain someone is in

Paralyzed man walks using device that reconnects brain with muscles

Uber to offer autonomous ride-hailing and delivery services using Waymo’s robotaxis

Sergey Brin has a secret plan to put airships back in the skies

Cities, Nature, and Clean Tech
5,000 wild new species discovered in region that Ocean mining will soon devastate

Top 100 in Earth, Environment and Ecology-2022. Most downloaded papers on Nature journals

Developing new companies
Noise as a destroyer of productivity

Onboarding your AI intern

“The tyranny of the best”

Where do great ideas come from?

Envisioning the Next Level. An exercise in Definite Optimism (Part 1)

Who you gonna call?

AR/VR/AI/IoT/Quantum Computing/Metaverse/Bio
Why a Meta-Magic Leap partnership makes sense – and may or (may not) be all about Apple

Nreal rebrands as XREAL, announces XREAL Spatial Display Technology and XREAL Beam

Adobe’s Firefly Image Generator is going to make Photoshop much easier to use

Meta’s new AI models can recognize and produce speech for more than 1,000 languages

Just Calm Down About GPT-4 Already And stop confusing performance with competence, says Rodney Brooks

Ynvisible announces large commercial purchase order for new outdoor signage product. Read also Irreversible Pixel by Ynvisible

Students use the Internet of Things to connect, inspire

Far out
Secrets for Toys

  • Unlimited variations for play
  • No time limit on play
  • Good for all ages
  • For boys and girls alike
  • Good all year round
  • Never out of date
  • Safe and of good quality
  • Stimulating
  • Encourages imagination
  • And the more of it the kid buys, the better the toys gets

Godtfred Christiansen, Leader and Creator, Lego’s System of Play

African architecture

The toilet paper roll may have just been dethroned

Never a reason to take you socks: a flight attendant’s 12 etiquette rules

Scientists working to generate electricity from thin air make breakthrough

Asteroid City review – Wes Anderson’s 1950s sci-fi is an exhilarating triumph of pure style

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released 56 years ago this week

Tornado. Treasure. There was no one like Tina Turner


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