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Sunday News 304

May 19th, 2024

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Raspberry Pi Foundation co-founder Jack Lang dies aged 76My friend Jack Lang,,a co-founder of .Raspberry Pi, passed away in the beginning of May. Jack was one of the most interesting and helpful people I ever met. He provided us, at YDreams, an early version of Raspberyy Pi (a tiny and inexpensive computer-see above) that was used to develop Ziphius, a pioneer and highly innovative aquatic drone.Jack was one of the most distinguishing entrepreneurs in the UK. He was also a fireworks and culinary expert, former technical director of the Cambridge Theater where some of the Monty Python started and a Pink Floyd insider. His presentation Creating the Climate for Innovation will shock the Portuguese reader: he proposes the almost opposite of the system we have in this country.Jack recommended us, in 2008,  to float YDreams, in a stock market, as soon as possible.. That was unthinkable for us at the time. Today we know that we should have done it.  Unfortunately, for him, he would not see the upcoming listing of Raspberry Pi at a valuation over 500 million pounds.Sunday News is a selection of links posted daily by the  Explora community.  Newcomers can check previous Sunday News editions here. If you are a new reader, you may catch up by reading Sunday News’ FirstSecondThird Fourth and Fifth Year Highlights.Antonio CamaraEducation

Brave New Words, by Salman Khan.

Why mathematics is set to be revolutionized by AI, by Thoms Fink

What Open AI did

Make product design great again

Design for a “Mess”, by Anirudh Dhebar. Review of Design for a Better World: Meaningful, Sustainable, Humanity Centered, by Don Norman

Introduction to cancer vaccines

‘Magical thinking’: hopes for sustainable jet fuel not realistic, report finds

What tech learned from Daedalus

Cities, Nature, and Clean Tech

Cathedrals of the 21st Century. What will they be?

How Paris became a 15-minute city

ESG McKinsey report: Accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth for all

Developing new companies
Ninety-five theses on AI. “In no particular order”

Stanford AI leader Fei-Fei Li building ‘spatial intelligence’ startup

AI and problems of scale, by Benedict Evans

How I would regulate AI, by Noah Smith

How to price a data asset

Learning, sophistication, and the returns to advertising: Implications for differences in firm performance

A Manifesto for the Platform Organization

The art of the pivot, part 2: How, why, and when to pivot, by Lenny Rachitsky

AR/VR/AI/IoT/Quantum Computing/Metaverse/Bio

Looking Glass announces new 16” and 32” Spatial Displays

Meta is reportedly working on camera-equipped AI earphones. “The company believes earphones are the future of AI-wearable technology”

Major ChatGPT-4o update allows audio-video talks with an “emotional” AI chatbot

Google teases Multimodal AI Smart Glasses with A HUD At I/O 2024

Google is redesigning its search engine — and it’s AI all the way down

Google’s new Gemini AI tool can analyze your photos and retrieve your license plate number

Google’s Astra is its first AI-for-everything agent

AlphaFold 3 predicts the structure and interactions of all of life’s molecules

Quantum internet draws near thanks to entangled memory breakthroughs. Read also ‘Quantum internet’ demonstration in cities is most advanced yet

Far out
When do we stop finding new music? A statistical analysis

AI, Music, Style: Can there be too much culture?

The Itsy Bitsy spider inspired a microphone

Megalopolis – Teaser Trailer, by Francis Ford Coppola


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