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Protests, like emotions, make us move

Protesting is equivalent to an emotional state in our body. Think about it!
How much we need emotions in times of change, like a source of energy pushing us all to evolve and to find new scenarios that might possibly be more efficient than the one we have worn out. Emotions make us move.
How amazing it is to find our thoughts, incipient ideas, better explored by a specialist. But how come did that idea pop into my brain? Well, we all are now aware of the trillions of neuron connections in our brains. These connections are stimulated by our experience, by what we sense, feel and think. And just like a complex network of roads and highways, some roads end up on the same village no matter from where you come. And boom…pops up an idea! To see that idea in an expert book is to recognize in a flash of a moment our common humanity. The essential fact is that connections between us humans are the means for transfer of information at the most different levels, from chemical and electrical stimulation to emotions and the power of words.
Now let us dive in our brain for a few sentences and imagine the extensive possible arrangements of networks. In our brain 300 trillion of connections are pulsating, vibrating, ever changing, imbued in chemical, electrical and hormonal stimulation in different space-time networks. Just like road maps you can arrive to an idea as we arrive to the center of a city, happy or sad, energized or tired at 30 or 120 km/h by a large highway or a backward street.


So you can now imagine that different states of mind correlate to different sizes of pulsating networks more or less energized, more or less durable, with a stronger or weaker focus. But emotions are one of the key ingredients for our chain of thoughts or abstractions to choose one or another path.
If I compare protests to emotions is because I see them as essential, just like the blips of energy that help us go from one level to another. But now the mind, and I could even write it as the Mind with capital letter referring to our collective Mind, has to work, digest, integrate raw emotion so that we gain deeper consciousness of where we are and which doors we will open for the Future.
Theodore White used to say that young people are the best vehicle to energize and stir up revolutions and older people have the wisdom that comes from experience to use the freed energy and focus it on meaning paths.
We young and old need now to bring together the energy and wisdom to push our society and our democracy to evolve to a better balance. And if the basis of our brain is the most complex network that we know, we as a society also have the amazing tool of connecting through the net to catapult our power. Protests all over the world are energizing our thoughts, and only by connecting our ideas can we be stronger than the status-quo.

Fotos e video de Minnie Freudenthal e Manuel Rosário

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Alice Minnie Freudenthal, médica Internista pelo American Board of Internal Medicine e Ordem dos Médicos Portuguesa. Áreas de interesse; neurociência, nutrição, hábitos e treino da mente. Curso de Hipnose clínica pela London School of Clinical Hypnosis. Curso de Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Palestras e Workshops de diferentes temas na área da neurociência para instituições académicas, empresas e grupos.


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